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Other Uses and Attributes of the IL-76

Other Uses and Attributes of the IL-76

Other IL-76 uses without the liquids tank system will include cargo carriage of up to 50 tons of relief supplies.

Leading edge wing designs and special flaps together with high-lift devices and thrust reversers on each of the four very powerful engines allow for low, slow flight, and safe landings on remote, rough and generally shorter runways. These are ideal features for remote drop missions of any kind including, for example, dropping relief supplies bundles, pre-fab hospitals, oil spill containment equipment, and the like.

Because runway conditions in frost-laden areas of Russia can vary tremendously with the seasons, the Il-76 has a 20-wheel undercarriage giving the aircraft a tremendously "light footprint" helping preserve intact the softest taxiways and runways. Further, for the same purposes, tire and strut pressures are adjustable in flight.

The IL-76 has been designed for rugged, reliable use and its crews are very experienced in remote fix-and-fly servicing.

Safe runway lengths will vary with height above sea level and temperature. For example, an airport at elevation 2,200 feet ASL at airport temperature 28 degrees C requires 6,000 feet runway for takeoff.

Range at maximum gross takeoff weight is 2,050 nautical miles (3,844 km).

Tanker Capabilites Source: Associated Airtanker Pilots U.S.A. (1999) Measuring Units Conversion Tables

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