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IL-76: World's Fastest, Longest-range, Highest-Volume, Air-Tanker

The IL-76 turbofan jet cargo aircraft is by far the world's most formidable, fastest, longest-range, air tanker. For fire fighting and ocean oil spill dispersal, as well as for dispersion on chemicals plants in upset conditions, it comes outfitted with a twin-tank system capable of carrying either 100,000 or 135,000 pounds of liquid and can be filled and ready for takeoff in 15 minutes. In its smaller 100,000 pound version, this patented system is capable of depositing more than 3,608-3,937 Ft x 263-295 Ft of liquid in one 8-10 second pass — water only — and one 15-20 second pass with foam additive. This is up to five (5) times greater than the volume deliverable by the largest-volume "water bomber" commonly used in the world today. (source: actual observed data from Australian test)

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An IL-76 can also offload its twin tanks in a single salvo, yielding a smaller, heavier, saturation drop pattern for use on particularly hot or powerful blazes or other special situations.

The aircraft is equipped with heat-seeking devices and associated computer-driven fire data simulations providing assistance with aiming the drop for maximum effect on mass fire.

In fire fighting, liquid drops are normally delivered at a speed of 151 knots at 300 feet altitude. Liquids descend vertically, as rain, evenly penetrating forest canopy, thereby optimizing the fire-retarding effect on the forest floor.

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Liquids mixes certified for use with the aircraft by Ilyushin Design Bureau, include Monsanto PHOS-CHEK WD 881. Prospects for certification for slurry use are excellent.

A fully integrated emergency service complete with spares and certified EMERCOM crew for fire fighting, humanitarian relief, and disaster mitigation and prevention stands ready for emergency deployment. Emergency availability is managed on a 48-hour, best efforts call-out basis. Plans for radiological disaster prevention are also offered.

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