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Global Emergency Response was honoured to be nominated for the 2011 DRI AWARD OF EXCELLENCE
DRI Canada provides a knowledge base for Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery Professionals

Global Emergency Response
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Tom Robinson,  President of Global Emergency Response, has been a true crusader for better and safer fire management practices for more than thirty years. Tom’s sincere and relentless efforts have brought about a new and clearer understanding of wild fires and the need for a true global emergency response capability world wide.  He has fostered the awareness of global emergency response among politicians, senior bureaucrats and the general public worldwide.  Tom has won many national, international and Presidential awards over the years for his accomplishments in fire, police and public safety training and education.

Tom Robinson was selected as a principal presenter at the recently concluded International Aerial Firefighting Conference, held in Sacramento, California.  He was honoured to receive a gold medal from the conference organizer, TangentLink.  He was just selected to be a presenter at the 5th Annual International Disaster and Risk Conference, to be held in Davos, Switzerland, in August.  Tom's upcoming presentation, "Responding to Disasters - Without the Red Tape" will describe how future disaster response can be far faster, safer and efficient through pre-positioning emergency materials (food, water, clothing, medical supplies, communications equipment, etc.), and pre-arranging disaster-response initiatives with local and national government agencies most likely to be affected by natural and/or manmade disasters.

Global Emergency Response, under Tom's leadership, has received requests for assistance from the United Nations and the European Union, both requesting support for the organization and operation of an aerial, rapid-response, disaster relief team, able to quickly and efficiently respond, anywhere in the world, in a matter of hours, providing emergency supplies, provisions, medical assistance, communications equipment and armed security personnel, whenever and wherever needed.  The Nation of Kenya appointed Tom as Director of Aerial Firefighting in an effort to improve its antiquated and unsafe methods of fighting wildfires.

Global Emergency Response is an internationally acclaimed, rapid-response, emergency responder organization, ready to bring lifesaving assistance wherever and whenever needed.  With a fleet of heavy-lift IL-76 water bombers in its arsenal, Global Emergency Response is fully capable of extinguishing the world's largest wildfires.  When not saving the Earth's valuable forests, the water bomber's unique tanking system can deliver the most advanced and effective enzyme surfactants to quickly absorb the worst oil spills at sea.  In just two hours, the tanks can be removed, thus enabling the Il-76 to become one of the world's largest and most efficient air transport planes.  When major disasters strike, anywhere in the world.

Global Emergency Response can quickly respond with emergency food and water, mobile hospitals, shelters, satellite communications and, where major loss of life is evident, portable mortuary units.  The incomparable IL-76 was specifically designed and built to perform in dangerous environments, both environmentally and militarily hostile.  When corporate security is threatened, Global Emergency Response can quickly deploy well-trained, armed, para-military personnel, capable of protecting lives and property from all threats. In addition to the available IL-76s, Global Emergency Response can quickly dispatch as many MI-26 helicopters as the situation demands.  The MI-26 is the world's largest, heavy-lift helicopter, capable of carrying a massive payload of emergency materials, fuel, fire extinguishing chemicals and personnel. Global Emergency Response is ready, willing, and able to respond to any and all disasters and emergency situations worldwide.  For faster, guaranteed response, GER is in a unique position to enter into contracts with Fortune 500 companies on a monthly retainer basis.  When corporations contract with GER BEFORE disasters strike, those member companies will be first in line to receive the assistance required to meet their emergency needs and requirements. When the safety of your employees and the continuity of your business are paramount anywhere in the world, a call to Global Emergency Response should be your highest priority. Contact us today to discuss how we can be of assistance BEFORE disaster strikes. Thomas Edmison, Chairman of the Board Total Corporate Aviation Services / Global Emergency Response

llyushin-76TD (IL-76) Global Emergency Response Services from Russia

Global Emergency Response is proud to announce the alliance of the following organizations:

    The Ministry of Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM)

    Ilyushin Aviation Joint Stock Company Limited
These organizations have come together to offer the Ilyushin-76TD (Il-76) multi-purpose, emergency-response aircraft service for use in fire fighting and other disaster and humanitarian missions.

Experts have called the tank-equipped IL-76 the first truly strategic weapon against mass fire the world has ever known. This is an emergency response aircraft which is definitely in a class of its own.