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Credentials and Demonstrations

1994: United Nations accreditation and performance at Second International Conference of Civil Defence and Emergency Rescue

1994: Test for US Forest Service in Farnborough, England (report stipulates potential for designation of the IL-76 as an "Emergency Supplemental Air Tanker" following further testing).

1995: Joint Arctic Rescue Exercise performed with Hercules' or C-130 military aircraft from USA and Canada

March 1995: Australian demo at ASTA-Avalon airport near Melbourne by Air Show Down Under supported by Australian local volunteer loading crews.

October 1995: Australian Fire Authorities Council (as it was then known) drop testing and foam retardant certification performed at Ilyushin Flight Research Base, Zhukovsky, Russia.

February 1998: EMERCOM crew training and accreditation for "Disaster Preparedness"held jointly with US National Guard, Department of Defence, and FEMA at National Interagency Counter Drug Institute, San Luis Obispo, California.

August 1998: Greece's government asked Russia for assistance on Greece's worst wildfires in 100 years. Gen. Demetrio's Lavrentakis, head of the Interior Ministry's Civil Protection arm, said Wherever there was an emergency situation, where the IL-76 water-bomber went, he says, "And wherever it went, it was very effective."

Joint Space Mission astronaut/cosmonaut steep dives weightlessness training aircraft.  

February 1999:
EMERCOM search and rescue operations in Armenia and in Colombia's earthquakes: IL-76 airplane transported equipment, forty men, and sniffer-dogs.

August 1999: EMERCOM's firefighting IL-76 battles potentially disastrous fire in post-earthquake zone Izmit, Turkey.

March 2000: IL-76 airplane facilitated the EMERCOM humanitarian mission to the floods of Mozambique.                                               

January 2001: EMERCOM's the Russian specialists saved 19 people from the ruins at the quake-stricken town of Bhuj.

September 2001: IL-76 aircraft was first to respond (from Denmark) to Afghanistan relief efforts. EMERCOM will be playing an ongoing role in Afghan relief operations despite threats of anti-aircraft fire from the Taliban.


September 2002: Noginsk, Russia - Il-76 firefighting jets participate in giant Russia - NATO civil defence exercise. "There are things here that the United States can learn and I think that we will learn from our observations," said FEMA Deputy Director Michael Brown, who attended the exercise as part of a US team of some 30 observers from the Defence Department, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and other US government branches.

December 2004: Asia tsunami relief: EMERCOM and Russian military Il-76 aircraft, in addition to those of the Indian Air Force and privately chartered Il-76s play a vital strategic role airlifting supplies, equipment, and relief workers to disaster zones around the Indian Ocean.

August 2005: The day before the levees of New Orleans gave way to the forces of Hurricane Katrina, the Russian Federation offered humanitarian aid to the United States.  Two (2) EMERCOM IL-76 aircraft landed at a disaster aid staging area at Little Rock, Arkansas September 8. This marks the first time Russia has flown such a mission to North America.

July 2007:  Highly successful firefighting missions of record to Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Serbia together with acceptance of a request by Greece to supplement existing Russian aviation firefighting with IL-76 water-bombing where continued disastrous fire conditions prevailed.