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Tom Edmison
President of TCA

  • 1(250)634-2412 Cell
  • 1(778)426-1112 Office
CV for Tom Edmison

Tom Robinson
Vice President of TCA
Corporate & Government Affairs USA
Richmond, Virginia

  • 1(804)240-4065 Office

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Services & Corespondents
Kory Miller
Suite 203, 9042 Second St.
Sidney B.C V8L 3C6

John Olmstead
- Engineer
Transport Logistics Specialist
Tel/cell:  902-249-0276   
CV for John Olmstead

Government approved project technical engineering director.

To be assigned from TCA data base, depending on the type of
equipment,records and inspection assessment required to ensure
Professional competency, experience and knowledge of specific requirement.

John Rattray

Simulation & Training,Airline,
Corporate & Military Expert
Over 30 years global sales experience
All levels and devices

Mailing Address

Suite 203, 9842 Second St.
Sidney B.C V8L 3C6