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Aircraft Sales

All sales are handled under a mandate scenario exclusively.

This protects all parties and prevents the client from being subject to commissions from more than one area and allows for privacy of business.

Due directly to our global network, TCA is aware of aircraft of all types wanted for purchase either on or off the market.

Once there is a mandate in place a review of the clients needs is documented and provided to the client. This becomes the mutual guide to achieving the end desired result.  At that time all options that are a business fit for the client are provided.

Aircraft availability, specifications, costs, pictures, etc, are provided to the client. This eliminates any unnecessary exposure to the client and allows for decision making in privacy by the senior executive management and directors as TCA works diligently to make available to the client the best possible aircraft at the best possible price.

Financing/lease options will also be provided if required, as well as sharing and cost recovery situations, for either a private operation or commercial operation along with the associated regulatory matters depending on the circumstances and how they may apply.

Sales Fee, Or management business development fee is variable, and negotiable depending on the complexity of the work scope. In some cases the fee or fees are paid by the buyer and in other situations, by the seller.

All consulting is accomplished in the same manner under a mandate at a daily rate of $1000.00 a day plus any approved expenses.

Under the consulting service, operational requirements and capital/operational financial budgets can be generated to assist the client in making the most appropriate business decision in strict confidence.